Hello, new followers! Please donʼt forget to tell me what would you expect from a calendar and/or event organiser! The project is really early in development, itʼs easier to add things now than later 😉

If you look at it strictly, nothing just a nifty frontend to CalDAV. Or iCal over ActivityPub. Whichever suites you.

@calendar_social just wondering what benefits AP gives you, thats all lol

The whole story was like “a lot of silo features have alternatives, what about Google/Facebook calendar? GC only shares iCal stuff via email, but Facebook like event management is nowhere in the Fediverse”

Since then, I know I was wrong. But now I just want to make this project happen.

@calendar_social honestly i havent used group calendars yet so i dont know the pros/cons with existing systems

good luck with what youre doing though
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