Hello, new followers! Please donʼt forget to tell me what would you expect from a calendar and/or event organiser! The project is really early in development, itʼs easier to add things now than later 😉

I use my calendar mostly for regular reminders and one-time appointments so easy way to set those up are nice. I also use multiple reminders for the same event so that I don't forget about it.

@calendar_social It would be cool if events had publication options similar to mastodon's, so you can share with certain people or not.

@calendar_social oh yeah and a way to add regional holidays so i don't leave my house without realizing it's saint somebody's day and everything's closed


Multiple reminders is a must for me, too. I also want public holidays since day one, although thatʼs a hard nut.

As I plan it, they would get into a separate calendar you can subscribe to, so based on your country and religion you would see different holidays.

@calendar_social maybe there's a way to make it so users can provide input of local holidays? There are some really specific regional ones here that don't apply to the whole country.

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