Hello, new followers! Please donʼt forget to tell me what would you expect from a calendar and/or event organiser! The project is really early in development, itʼs easier to add things now than later 😉

@calendar_social hey, it may be worth for you to make a mission and vision statement, take your time with it, and then you know what your goals are and can deny requests that don't align etc.

You can still do it when you've received all of this feedback ofc.

Generally it becomes a document that helps guide you in your development

I definitely plan doing that. That’s why I’m gathering all this feedback 😉

@calendar_social This sounds awesome. A lot of people tell me event coordination is the only reason they can't get away from facebook.

One question: Do you plan to offer caldav import/export/integration? That would be totally awesome! Shared #caldav calendars are already very useful and could get much more awesome with this.

Also something which might be totally out of scope, but at least something to think about would be some kind of doodle-like feature.

CalDAV is definitely on the table.

The Doodle-like thing was requested by some, so Iʼm considering it. Although it will most probably not included in the initial release.

I use my calendar mostly for regular reminders and one-time appointments so easy way to set those up are nice. I also use multiple reminders for the same event so that I don't forget about it.

@calendar_social It would be cool if events had publication options similar to mastodon's, so you can share with certain people or not.

@calendar_social oh yeah and a way to add regional holidays so i don't leave my house without realizing it's saint somebody's day and everything's closed

Multiple reminders is a must for me, too. I also want public holidays since day one, although thatʼs a hard nut.

As I plan it, they would get into a separate calendar you can subscribe to, so based on your country and religion you would see different holidays.

@calendar_social maybe there's a way to make it so users can provide input of local holidays? There are some really specific regional ones here that don't apply to the whole country.

If you look at it strictly, nothing just a nifty frontend to CalDAV. Or iCal over ActivityPub. Whichever suites you.

@calendar_social just wondering what benefits AP gives you, thats all lol

The whole story was like “a lot of silo features have alternatives, what about Google/Facebook calendar? GC only shares iCal stuff via email, but Facebook like event management is nowhere in the Fediverse”

Since then, I know I was wrong. But now I just want to make this project happen.

@calendar_social honestly i havent used group calendars yet so i dont know the pros/cons with existing systems

good luck with what youre doing though

Exciting to hear about such an idea for a project
I don't know if anyone already said this, but I want to add that an export as .ics-file or any other portable standard should be available from the beginning of the work

I donʼt know if someone mentioned it or I just planned it from the beginning. Anyways, I just created an issue for this.

@calendar_social I'd like a full caldav support, including color coded calendars and events.

I'm late to the party but here is what I need.
Recently I wanted to sync a cal between my phone (a server to save if possible) and Thunderbird. I ended up using @nextcloud when I sow that it was the solution proposed by @Framasoft .
It is good... but I do not really need the file management.

So a Calendar with easy sync over CalDAV. Maybe the management of contacts (cardDAV) could be good too. I discovered the task sync that's a nice plus 😄

@calendar_social Something I saw on IRC once was the ability to open a calendar for reservations.

Like maybe you are a freelance, you host your calendar on Nextcloud but you want to open some "consultations". You create an agenda on, set the slot timing to 45min (or anything) and share this calendar. (He also set his opening hours.)
In this case your job is to see when in his work time he have nothing planned. And then propose to "anyone who reached the calendar" to take a slot.

@calendar_social I think you have the rest sorted out : having CalDAV, CardDAV, sync the tasks.

Having a reminder over #ActivityPub, sending invitations on activity pub (with the right privacy setting).

Maybe if it could link a equivalent to the calendar of each participant that would be great.

The book a free slot option of my previous toot.

Being as light as possible. (Nice UI)

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