Privacy advocates, I’d like to ask for your help. What kind of privacy settings/features would you expect from a calendar application? Don’t mind if it’s already done in or already documented as an issue; I would really like to see the whole picture!


it should locally encrypt data

it should CalDAV
it should failover WebDAV
it should import ical

it should handle rsvp
it should be able to sent invites

it should boycott google "free" services ;)

it needs mystical guessing of resources for unknown provider

advanced settings should not be exposed in default ui. enabled only in deep settings with clear warnings of notforyouness



On locally encrypted data, do you mean on the viewing device (browser, mobile app, etc.) or on the server side?


viewing device encrypts, server doesn't know what my data is

as i understand it does this

i have toyed with subscribing

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