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🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

Nextcloud is currently importing all the files from my GoogleDrive so i can finally Progress:

741 files imported (446%)

lewd adjacent? 

I really hate the taste of coffee, but french kissing with my wife after she drank a cup makes it taste really good.

I use the Dvorak keyboard layout exclusively for almost 10 years now, but i still often mistype dashboard as dashbeard.

If you are on Linux and have a Compose key on your keyboard (which you can with some easy setup), you can type strange characters like ∴ by pressing Compose, colon (:), period (.).

There are some “ASCII characters that may be difficult to access on some keyboards”, like the apostrophe. So you can press Compose, space, apostrophe to type it. :thonking:

I'm looking for an ACTUAL RF engineer who understands the EE behind antenna impedance and radiation, to see whether I'm talking rubbish with this understanding or not:

Boost for visibility please?

#Goldfish is a brand new project created by @stux as a FOSS replacement for platforms like TikTok & Vine.

Development has started a few days ago and the first rought draft is online at

The platform is build in Laravel from scratch and the plan is to also add ActivityPub so it can connect with the Fediverse in the future.

Our git repo will be updated when a good first version is done ✅

We also have a Patreon page for the project! Hopefully I can spend many many more hours on it's development ❤️

After debunking the myth of silica gel ( my son went on to disprove the “putting your finger in the pencil sharpener is bad” theory. This theory, however, turned out to be true.

A team vs. team game where only one player each team can see the map with all other players on it (from all teams). Another team member might have stealth so even their own map-seer can't see them. Other roles TBD.

Does anyone here use Cyph? I'm suspicious about it somehow. Looks like a strange combination of Keybase and Zoom.

Systems of violence and authority will always be more organized than us, by their very nature.

We cannot out-organize these systems on their own terms.

This is why voting is ineffective.

But we are capable of something that these systems are not.

We are capable of understanding and empathizing with people, outside of how they relate to these larger systems.

We will not win over systems of violence and authority by exerting contrary violence and attempting to seize authority.

We win over these systems by building bonds and communities which exist outside the mediation of capital, violence, and authority, so that when those systems lean on us to exert leverage, they find that their leverage is void, because we're not playing those games anymore.

The rattling of the train was really boring so Tommy stood up on his seat to find amusement behind it. In a brief moment tiny serpents emerged from behind the seat. Tommy watched in awe and started playing with them.
“Tommy! Stop playing with the ladyʼs hair!” his motter shouted when she saw what her son is doing from the corner of her eye.
“Itʼs OK” the snake-haired woman said. “My hair is well mannered. Just make sure little Tommy doesnʼt go around the seat.”

Travelling to a company-organised retreat. Others departured from the capital so they all went by car (with full cars), but i live a bit farther from there and the destination is on this train line anyway, so i go by train. The first train was great and comfy, with AC and everything, but it passed through a lot of towns and villages. The second train is slow, the rails are bumpy(!), thereʼs no AC so itʼs hot, but damn if the scenery doesnʼt worth it.

Why donʼt electric vehicles have a solar panel on their roof, or even on the hood?

Yesterday we went to a huge playground; kids enjoyed it a lot. When we arrived my daughter put her bunny-ear headband on me so she doesn’t loose it while playing. We both forgot about it until the evening when i took a selfie. Some kids also looked at me funny but i didn’t know why. It remained on my head, though. When we arrived home we walked past a gyros place where a man, who looked like your typical motorcycle badass guy, grinned at me telling me that my ears are great.(selfie, eye contact)

My son(5), after learning what “silica gel” (the small bags of pearls often found in packaging of things that says “do not eat, throw away”) is for, tore a bag open, shoved the contents into a small container, and added water. The water level didn’t drop, the pearls didn’t grow, nothing really happened. Now he thinks silica gel is a hoax.

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