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I just told a friend that it is 100‰ that i can go to their gathering. Now i am waiting whether they write back to clarify…

Note that i’m not running this on GNOME, so everything is possible…

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:blobartist: Besides self-hosting, where do y'all digital artists are selling your artworks? :ablobowo:

I'm talking stuff like wallpapers, etc. Nothing printable, just digital stuff that can deliverable immediately after a buy.

What's the best option to go, here? :blob_grinning_sweat:

Also, bonus points if that place happens to have a print-on-demand service for stuff like calendars, stickers, postcards, etc. :ablobjoy:

Anyone? Do you get my gist? Halp? :ablobcathappypaws:

:retweet: plz? 🥺

TFW you install Fedora Minimal and even tar is missing from it…

The whole Bluesky thing is hilariously bad.

All blockchains are scamtech. Why?

They exist either to actively scam you (all cryptocurrencies and NFTs fall into this camp),


they exist to legitimise blockchain as a technology, so that you are more vulnerable to number 1.

Hello! I'm Mimee and I like drawing whimsical fantasy characters and creating cute environments for them.


There are some accounts over at Birdsite i’d like to follow (and they don’t plan to move to the Fediverse). Is there a bridge you can suggest? Or, if i should fire up one myself, what software would that be?

Every time i see coins as comparison next to an object i ask “whoa, did they get such small tools to make that thing, or they created huge coins to make it look smaller?”

Mastodon admin question 

Hey fellow ! Is there a guide on how to migrate from bare metal installs to container based one?

In todayʼs episode of Jokes that wonʼt work when written:

“What do chicks say?”
“And what do adult birds say?”

(Hint: say the firs Chirp in a high pitch, and the second one in a low pitch.)

Tech brambling 

Go home, mypy, you’re drunk…

tests/unit/ error: Argument 1 has incompatible type "EventType"; expected "EventType"

Big (~6kg) indoor vs. laminated floor is funny in and out of itself, but when said cat suddenly stops on the slippery floor to clean his legs while still sliding is downright hilarious.


If you have a user account on and you ever used git via SSH to clone stuff from there, please note that the SSH host key has been changed. The new ECDSA fingerprint is:


Hey, admins out there! Is it possible to set up a banner notification for PSA-like things? My gitea instance has been moved and thus the SSH host key has changed; i want to tell my users about it without bugging them via email.

If Windows 11 suggests that i set screen scaling to 150% (and, in fact, that is the deafult) why is it not called 100%? :thonking:

Physical health, - 

Iʼm hot. Literally. I have a 39°C fever right now, which feels funny.

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