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Wordle 221 3/6 


Wordle 218 4/6 

Am i lucky today?


Hungary, politics/money (-) 

My wife, a teacher: 15 years ago my salary was the same as today.
Me: 15 years ago my salary was the same as yours today.

And this is very, *very* wrong on so many levels.

Below 13 years you are not eligible to have a Spotify account, but you can use the free tier with advertisements probably not tailored for your age.

Apparently my 5yo is capable of sarcasm…

Me, to my 8yo: where are your gloves?
8yo: i left it in school yesterday.
5yo: thatʼs good, this way it warms your hands. Wait… it does not.

Iʼm not completely sure if i should be proud or not… 🤔

If GDPR breaks your business model, you should probably reconsider your ethical standards.

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The Elder Scrolls Online is 105 gigabytes.

105. Freaking. Gigabytes.

Is this crazy, or am i just old?

COVID, conspiracy(ish) 

So we have a virus at hand that originates from China. It had a British variant, an Indian variant, a South African variant, and now people talk about a Ukrainian variant. Is it just me, or itʼs really suspicious that no variants were identified in other big countries like Russia or the US?

Meta (AKA Facebook) just unveiled another spy software. I guess they donʼt like competition…

An old joke pops to mind:
Why does law sends thieves to prison? Because the lawmakers hate competition.

Wait, why is wget a dependency of Microsoft Edge for Linux?

Bashing, mass lay-off 

I just heard that the CEO of fired 9% of the staff, including the whole diversity division. If thatʼs true, why are people still working there? Also, if the leaked video is something to believe, this person shouldnʼt sit behind the steering wheel of *any* company, ever.

An SSD drive that has a small speaker in it that imitates the sound of HDDs when the drive is accessed.

A fiber optic cable modem that imitates the sound of old dialup modems.

On a related side note, i’m now looking for a new tablet. I’d like something of similar size (4″x6″). I’m not an artist and don’t aim to be, so i don’t need high-end stuff. Obviously, i don’t want to spend a ton of money, either. If you have any suggestions, throw them at me!

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Today my trustworthy Wacom Bamboo tablet broke. It served me for some 10+ years and despite its limitations i will miss it a lot. I couldn’t find anyone who can repair it, nor i can fix it myself. If anyone needs it for spare parts, i’m happy to send it, just DM me.

My daughterʼs (7) meets copyright law for the first time:

“There are so many things you canʼt copy nowadays. Like my multiplication table.”
“How come? Your teacher doesnʼt allow it?”
“No, because itʼs protected by copyright law [itʼs printed on the pre-printed table we bought, with tiny little letters on the side]. Copying it is a crime.”

Fun with Hungarian wordn 

In Hungary one of the words we have for potatoes is “pityóka”, and something that is made with potatoes is “pityókás”. However, “pityókás” also means tipsy. We often have fun of this with bakers when i buy potato bread.

Tech blabber 

Back when i started using Linux, i never thought that one day iʼll be able to natively run Microsoftʼs browser and shell on my Linux desktop. Now i can have Edge and PowerShell. Itʼs a mad world.

Remember kids, tolerating intolerance is not tolerance.

"XXX needs your permission to enable desktop notifications" - no you *really* don't. Because I *already* *actively* took away your capability to do notifications because *I* *do* *not* *want* your notifications!

Since when did it become OK for software to try and pull a Carthāgō dēlenda est on its users?

To just blatantly ignore user choice and keep nagging? This is even a service I am paying for, for crying out loud.

I hate how technology has become a means for companies to remotely manipulate u̶s̶e̶r̶s̶ herds of assets instead of a tool of enlightenment and liberation.

It didn't use to be like this.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.


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