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Thereʼs a Hell Energy Drink factory in Hungary near Miskolc. Right at the other side of the road is a petrol station called Angel Petrol. Genius marketing… 😁 👿😇

Man-made disaster, Turkey 

As if natural disasters are not enough, some vandals riding motorcycles threw a bunch of Molotov cocktails to forests in South-Western Turkey. As far as weʼre aware no news outlet has reported it yet, the info is from a friend living there.

Climate change, sarcasm 

Thereʼs no climate change. Itʼs just a hotter than average summer, so hold my beer while i jump in this conveniently overflowing river to cool myself.

Fun Fact: you can add an Emoji to your projectʼs name on GitLab, but you canʼt add a comma…

Crypto question 

Most cryptocoins has a rule that every transaction costs some coins (usually a small fraction of a coin, actually). Where do those coins go? Is it possible to deplete all coins just by doing a *lot* of transactions?

Porn mention, fun/rant 

Porn movies lie. I have never been approached sexually by any woman, including my wife, while cleaning the pool.

Hello friends,

Do you know of a tech coop that is accepting new members? Does your community require some IT work to be done (programming, running servers, and similar)? Does your small company want to contract or hire an extremely experienced IT person? I need to work on a part time basis, and I have over 20 years of experience. I am the only member of our four person household that can currently support us. Please help.

#python #debian #trans


weather, rant about weather reports 

Weather report, yesterday: we measured a record 37°C today in Budapest.
Meanwhile, 20km farther i measured 41°C with both trusted and untrusted thermometers.

Weather report today: there will be strong winds today that would bring 3-4 °C colder weather.
Meanwhile, at my place, i already measure 10°C less than yesterday, and the “strong winds” haven’t arrived yet.

Hungarian politics, - 

Headlines, all capitals: we got a few points on the football Europe championship.

Deep somewhere among the news, as if itʼs just a side note: our male waterpolo team is Europe champion, women got to second place.

Guck you,

Just watched a video on how to warm up before doing exercises with a skipping rope. Now I need instructions on how to warm up to do the warm ups so i donʼt injure myself after sitting 6 hours straight… 😰

This is a beautiful poem by 8th century Chinese poet Po Chu-i about going to bed drunk and just vibing

Please boost if you like #haskell, niche programming languages, retro computing, or smallnet, please. I'm looking for online nerd friends.

When you work in qCAD for some hours then try scrolling in your browser with middle click+drag…

My son(4) just told me in pretty good detail how to build a wardrobe. He either reverse engineered it in his head, or saw a video on it and remembers. I donʼt know which is more scary.

Itʼs freaking 1 June, and at 5am there was 2 °C outside. WTF, weather? Go home, youʼre drunk.

The sun

Once upon a time, there was a sun. That sun was the most special in the world. It was special because it was completely dark. But it still lighted.

The end.

Written by my daughter(6).

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