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This is a beautiful poem by 8th century Chinese poet Po Chu-i about going to bed drunk and just vibing

Please boost if you like #haskell, niche programming languages, retro computing, or smallnet, please. I'm looking for online nerd friends.

When you work in qCAD for some hours then try scrolling in your browser with middle click+drag…

My son(4) just told me in pretty good detail how to build a wardrobe. He either reverse engineered it in his head, or saw a video on it and remembers. I donʼt know which is more scary.

Itʼs freaking 1 June, and at 5am there was 2 °C outside. WTF, weather? Go home, youʼre drunk.

The sun

Once upon a time, there was a sun. That sun was the most special in the world. It was special because it was completely dark. But it still lighted.

The end.

Written by my daughter(6).

“He poured the oatmeal on the devilʼs belly and ate it from there.”

Just regular Hungarian folk tales…

Oh yeah, worth noting that we've moved our IRC chat to #fossandcrafts on ... update your clients, and see you there!

Thereʼs a saying that May rain worth gold. This year, weʼre gonna be rich! 🤑

my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

Some COVID deniers began wearing masks because they are afraid of vaccinated people. I consider that a success.

Is it just me, or is it not possible to upload pictures to Mastodon using ? Whenever i try, the compose screen disappears and i get back to the toot list. It works fine from the browser, so i donʼt think itʼs on the server side.

Can someone please start making smartphones with integrated hardware keyboards again? Pretty please?

I love when K-9 Mail tells me that next time it will sync mail will be 10 days ago.

hey everyone. i'm adae and i cling onto art cuz life tries to whip me off into a black void of despair. isn't that fun?

i make all kinds of art but you'll probably be seeing a lot of paintings and drawings here.

feel free to interact if you want to talk about technique, inspiration, decolonization, and the weird metaphysical shit in art and life itself i guess (esp. if you're black!!!). that's all so let me tighten my grip before i get flung off

#introduction #introductions

Programming, ~ 

TFW you refactor some code because “that will help with the new feature i have to implement” and after a bit more planning it turns out it’s totally irrelevant. (The fact that i did the refactor is good in and of itself, though…)

Google, reCAPTCHA, - 

Google advertises reCAPTCHA Enterprise as a superb measure to prevent fraud and bot spam. But when you sign up for the service you have to provide your credit card details not to autocharge you at the end of the free trial, but “to make sure you are not a robot.”

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