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Hy do my headphones smell like vanilla? 🤔

Letʼs finally realise that this is not just a problem of the US. - 2/2

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If you live outside the US and your national (or even the commercial) news media is silent about the US riots (and they shouldnʼt. if nothing more than because the US is a so called “world power”). itʼs probably time to start a Riot in your country. too.
Even if your country doesnʼt have a “black problem”. it most probably has “some non-white problem”. “LGBTQ+ problem”. “woman problem”. or pretty much any “minority/marginalised problem”.
Let your voices heard - 1/2

Facebook engineer's resignation letter 

"Mark always told us that he would draw the line at speech that calls for violence. He showed us on Friday that this was a lie."

Family evening chit-chat without context:

“Do you really have to dress together with the goat?”

My son (3) found his sisterʼs nail polish and painted his nails and toenails red. Now he looks and feels awesome.

Rant about money and early retirees 

Itʼs funny how almost every early retirement story begins like “I did it, so can you” and continues like “i had a six figure job, […] got two 10% raises, […] got promoted.” No, not everyone can get a six figure job. If we could, the money of “early retirees” wouldnʼt worth much. Also, your sx figure salary probably should have gone to the people who worked much harder than you at the same company.

My daughter (6, very extroverted), late in the evening: yeah, itʼs kindergarten tomorrow!
Some girl, early next morning: Daaad, iʼm sleepy, let me sleep.

Teenage years start earlier with todayʼs kids…

Some freshly picked cats, maybe?

There were no boxes around so Luca (Hungarian, pron. ~ Lootsa), our tortoiseshell companion chose the fruit basket. She didnʼt like when we tried to put the lid on, though.

Is there a Foss match-three game for Android? Think Triple Town by Spryfox.

asking for help to get away from an abusive living situation, boosts needed 

does anyone nearby (i'm in riverside county, in southern california) have a place i could stay in the near future? like, a couch i could sleep on? not yet, but it looks like things are gonna go to shit pretty soon no matter what i do, so it'd be nice to have an escape plan ready. my parents have been incredibly abusive since i moved back in with them, especially since they found out i was trans. today they went into my backpack and took all my hormones, and that's only the tip of the iceberg of the bullshit they've put me through. at the end of next month they wanna take me to mexico and i wanna be gone before then. please help.

Hey Fedi IT folks, please suggest me a new motherboard. I use Linux exclusively, mostly for work, and occasionally for work. I prefer open everything, but donʼt necessary mind closed source firmware if it works fine.

that indian guy saying he didnt care if his restaurant burned down because you can rebuild it but you cant rebuild a human life is king shit

TFW you debug why your nginx serves content of a different domain for hours, and you realise you forgot to add the .conf extension to the new subdomainʼs config file so nginx didnʼt even use it… 😏

tell a 5yo that there’s more than enough empty houses for every homeless person and they’ll come up with a workable solution almost immediately

Keep rolling
Don't ever let yourself drown
Keep the good vibe going
You'll never miss a thing
You're in
Come on and rise
Free your soul
Catch the dream
Where we all shine
Stand as you are
And let it begin
The Reign of light

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Listening to Samaelʼs Reign of Light is still a great experience even after all these years.

The second wave of the 1918 flu was far worse than the first. People, buoyed up by the apparent success of their quarantines, flooded into public spaces, triggering a wave that hit a world whose medical staff and resources were in tatters.

Sound familiar?

Dr Sara Cody is Sta Clara County's health officer, a prescient health official who triggered the first lockdown in California, saving untold lives.


If non citizens shouldn't vote in your countries, then straights shouldn't vote on gay marriage and cis people shouldn't vote on trans bathroom bills

For the same exact reason: it doesn't affect you

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