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"So what's it like being part... mammal?" The mermaid asked breathlessly as I kicked my feet in the water.

"I dunno," I laughed, "I just am? How would you answer if I asked you what it's like being part fish?"

She looked offended.


"I'm not part fish."

"Oh, um, then what's it like being part human?"

She looked offended again.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm all plant," she explained, "I'm the dryad of the kelp forest below."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy #Mermay

Keybase, the company that asks you to upload your private keys to their servers, has just been acquired by Zoom, an essentially Chinese company notorious for having terrible concepts on how encryption should be implemented.

Even if you gave Keybase the benefit of the doubt beforehand, this is corporate suicide at it's most graphic. Delete your Keybase keys. Close your account. Rotate everything that Keybase touched, be that password or cryptomaterial.

How do you folks like this? My basic vision about C.s is this, but i’m not the best marketing guy in the world. is there to provide an alternative to personal calendar management. It helps you manage your events, appointments, and private gatherings, keeping them away from prying eyes.

And for all the techy people, it’s iCal and CalDAV on steroids (or at least on ActivityPub).

The difference between Git and GitHub?

Well... Git is to GitHub what porn is to PornHub.

However, i know federation is hard, so i definitely won’t start with implementing that. Yet, i still want to design the account system with federation in mind. If you are familiar with ActivityPub or know someone who is (i currently know only @dansup who is), and you are willing to help, i’m all ears. I need help with planning what kind of actors and objects will this thing have.

Thank you so much if you help and/or boost these two toots!


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Hey everyone, after a rough year i’m planning to revive my project, @calendar_social. I’m terribly sorry i let all the interested people down when i temporarily disappeared from the Fediverse.

I’ll soon publish some plans and milestones, but here’s the gist of it: Facebook events and appointments with privacy in mind, all this in a federated fashion.


Here’s how you can reach me in case you want to, sorted by preference:

- Matrix:
- Email: (currently handled by Google!)
- SSB: @@I1JSeKes1DIBawiMok7WZ8w3Auo7CTq/VMRYId22+5A=.ed25519
- NextCloud Talk:

COVID, black humor 

- people living in the same house should only go close to each other inside. Outside their home they can infect each other
- masks don’t give protection, but it’s mandatory to wear one
- unless you are a doctor in a crowded hospital
- In Hungary the highest number of infected people will be on 3 May, so restrictions get loosen from 4 May. But only in the countryside.
(the data is from 1 May)


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COVID, black humor 

- children don’t get infected, unless they live in an orphanage; they can even get it at the backyard of the orphanage so they can’t go outside
- fever can always be treated with two pills of Cataflam
- the driver should always sit on the front seat in the car
- people who got home from a hospital should be treated in a separate bathroom. Soap is not a disinfectant in this special case


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COVID, black humor 

- you should only go hiking to unknown places, preferably places not known by the virus, either
- it doesn’t like music, culture in general, but it’s religious
- it doesn’t infect on beaches, only in your countryside bungalow. But only if you’re from Budapest
- checking your temperature doesn’t cure the infection
- if you’re a worker, you’re safe
- also if you are a politician


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COVID, black humor 

Here’s what we know about SARS-CoV-2 in Hungary, as of now:

- only someone from Budapest can infect others on the countryside
- people from the countryside don’t infect people in Budapest
- the virus is mostly active during when we sleep, or at least after around 3pm
- people above 65 don’t infect other people above 65
- people above 65 can’t go shopping with their spouse under 65 so they don’t infect each other


You know how when you get a new table with more surface area, instead of giving you less cluttered space it just gives you more surface to clutter?

Yeah, that's what web developers do with your bandwidth.

Went to go check out @vicorva 's books on and discovered their absolutely delightful text-based character generation game, Cats of Mystic Stars:

Please go play it, it was fun and inspiring and I loved it.

The moment you realise that your new neighbourʼs dog barks exactly like the alien dogs in Little Big Adventure 2… 😱

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