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My son(5), after learning what “silica gel” (the small bags of pearls often found in packaging of things that says “do not eat, throw away”) is for, tore a bag open, shoved the contents into a small container, and added water. The water level didn’t drop, the pearls didn’t grow, nothing really happened. Now he thinks silica gel is a hoax.

If youʼre using Actions. you have to do some legwork to configure some CI runner.
I recently noticed that some scrapers found my instance and download everything from it. That means all tags get archived to disk. which brought up the disk usage to several GBs. Iʼm yet to find a solution to that. save for running the cleaner job every other day.
Other than that. iʼm generally happy with it. My instance is low volume. low traffic - 1/2


I use my own Gitea host for a few years now. Iʼm probably not the best in the “well versed” category, but I do have some tricks up in my sleeves.

Funny, as for me the support woman said explicitly that i should not pay the courier, even if they ask me to 😂 Consistent support information is a good thing. And i shouted out to them in my model 100 review… 🤦‍♂️

Same with FedEx for my model 100, except they told me the amount before delivery in an email. But i still didnʼt get the invoice, so i canʼt pay 😔

@gromit I wonder why no-one knows about this in Hungary…

So i saw this picture of the lynx on a cactus several times, but only now it occured to me that the hunter should also be added to the picture. You know… attribution and the likes…

It was actually StarOffice, not LibreOffice. But that doesnʼt make it a better name.

This is beautiful!

Showed it to my daughter (8, obsessed with reading) and she immediately said that it must be her because she loves to read and her name means hind/stag.

"A Quiet Afternoon" - A reimagining of a piece I first made in 2020, so I could apply what I've learned since going back into full-time art education

#Art #MastoArt #DigitalArt

Request for help with teaching material for kids with ADHD/dys*; please boost 

@csepp That’s the plan, yes. We plan to make it until September, maybe October, if everything goes well.

Today i logged in to Facebook. It doesn’t happen often.

I saw a post about salaries and retirement, and an angry commenter said below “you have to learn 5 times more for 5 times a salary”.

I haven’t laughed this much in my life. I wonder why i don’t visit that platform more often…

@ta180m How did you do that? I can’t seem to follow mine. I have federation enabled.

Morning thoughts, unicorns, startup culture 

I think there's a huge desire to find the next unicorn within the UK and Europe and that is to the detriment of our entire tech ecosystem.

We should not be trying to emulate companies that make money out of the capture of millions of accounts and their data.

We should be trying to build an ecosystem of lots of smaller companies and encouraging them to partner together. Creating a culture of cooperation rather than competition.

I consider myself lucky, then, as i hadnʼt had to touch Python2 code for 6 years now.

Happy Father Day to all fellow fathers! 👨‍👧

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