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Request for help with teaching material for kids with ADHD/dys*; please boost 

My wife (a teacher in elem. school) and i plan to create some material for kids about privacy. especially on the Internet.
If you know any material on the subject that is made for kids. especially if itʼs for kids w/ ADHD. weʼd be very grateful.
We want to raise awareness among parents. who are known to put a phone/tablet to these kids hands just to quiet them. Thus - 1/2

Well, in that case, we shouldnʼt celebrate. Some (many) front-end devs still have to excrete shitty code so it keeps working.

I saw a lot of Internet Explorer grave memes today. Did Microsoft really stop supporting it? Completely? Even for large corporate clients? No matter the price paid? If so, 🎉

Thatʼs almost exactly how my mugʼs shadow looks like under a LED strip, where there are tiny light sources next to each other.



I finally followed my #Gitea account from Mastodon!!!

Any justification on this on Signalʼs end, or is it just happening because why not? No, i donʼt think itʼs justifyable this way (ie. you have to opt out, not opt in), iʼm just curious what they say.

Now make it mechanical and a lot more ergonomic 😂 I guess making one would be really expensive, even if one doesnʼt want a profit. I also wonder how the E-Ink ones mentioned in the article perform during layer change; i mean, e-inks are not terribly fast to update even today, although i havenʼt seen small displays only ebook-sized ones. But that sounds like a good idea from power consumptionʼs point of view.

a keyboard where each keycap is a small display that shows you what that key does, even if the keys are remapped. Pressing modifier keys like Shift or Fn should change the keycaps display.

“When you're buying a playhouse it's fun for your kids, but what you're really buying is a break from your kids.” — Dan Nelken: A Self-Help Guide For Copywriters

Dear Dan, if you are a parent and buy *anything* for your kids just to take a break from them, youʼre doing parenting awfully wrong. This is like telling me to buy your book if i need copywriting advice, but what iʼm actually buying is a paperweight.

If you think of free software as a developers' rights issue, it's a solved problem. Developers can use free stacks everywhere, and they are free to fix anything. Nobody is legally restricted from learning to be a developer. There's a pretty good live ecosystem. Mission accomplished.

If you think of free software as a human rights issue, you need to think about how all people can actually use and benefit, and usability and accessibility and localisation all become integral parts of the problem.

AI art, retrowave circuitry 

The first one is extra interesting because if you donʼt look straight at it, it looks like some cityscape.

Was it Microsoft SwiftKey that autocorrected you?

Start calling random things web4 to make the cryptocurrency people think they missed out on something


Nextcloud admin question 

Hey admins (especially low volume ones), what’s your opcache.memory_consumption setting’s value? I started with 128 back when NC16 was new, and now i’m using 384. However, my NC24 now complains (again) that it’s too small… It’s a two user (family) instance, with a bunch of apps installed.

Oh, and i canʼt find it but i have a photo of our cat, tongue out, lying on the ground in a straight line, legs underneath her. Thatʼs the “iʼm a snake now” pose.

“My tongue is too long to fit in my mouth” or just “i donʼt give a damn about where my tongue is”, or even “look at my awesome tongue”.

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