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Today my trustworthy Wacom Bamboo tablet broke. It served me for some 10+ years and despite its limitations i will miss it a lot. I couldn’t find anyone who can repair it, nor i can fix it myself. If anyone needs it for spare parts, i’m happy to send it, just DM me.

My daughterʼs (7) meets copyright law for the first time:

“There are so many things you canʼt copy nowadays. Like my multiplication table.”
“How come? Your teacher doesnʼt allow it?”
“No, because itʼs protected by copyright law [itʼs printed on the pre-printed table we bought, with tiny little letters on the side]. Copying it is a crime.”

Fun with Hungarian wordn 

In Hungary one of the words we have for potatoes is “pityóka”, and something that is made with potatoes is “pityókás”. However, “pityókás” also means tipsy. We often have fun of this with bakers when i buy potato bread.

Tech blabber 

Back when i started using Linux, i never thought that one day iʼll be able to natively run Microsoftʼs browser and shell on my Linux desktop. Now i can have Edge and PowerShell. Itʼs a mad world.

Remember kids, tolerating intolerance is not tolerance.

"XXX needs your permission to enable desktop notifications" - no you *really* don't. Because I *already* *actively* took away your capability to do notifications because *I* *do* *not* *want* your notifications!

Since when did it become OK for software to try and pull a Carthāgō dēlenda est on its users?

To just blatantly ignore user choice and keep nagging? This is even a service I am paying for, for crying out loud.

I hate how technology has become a means for companies to remotely manipulate u̶s̶e̶r̶s̶ herds of assets instead of a tool of enlightenment and liberation.

It didn't use to be like this.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.


@evelyn @urusan thanks, thatʼs a lot to take in. Iʼll read that webmd thing and some other articles, but you were more than helpful! 🤗

Our parents used to say that drinking flavoured water (from lemonade to different sodas) and eating soups donʼt count as water intake. That became my stance as a parent, but somehow even i donʼt believe it. Do you guys know any good source on this?

I just read an article that states „We Are Now One Step Closer to Limitless Energy From Nuclear Fusion”, but it doesnʼt say if there are 10 ár 10million steps remaining. I think iʼll just dismiss it as Just Another Clickbait.

the extent to which American entrepreneurs who want to Fix Traffic with some magical mystery scifi tech solution ignore the extent to which Tokyo doesn’t have too many traffic issues is truly amazing

Adobe being greedy, advice needed 

Well frell. Adobe is now charging for Acrobat DC: $14.99/mo with a year-long commitment.

Blast that noise into oblivion.

Any recommendations for an alternative? Because I'm not giving Adobe any more of my money.

Boosts appreciated.

Thereʼs a Hell Energy Drink factory in Hungary near Miskolc. Right at the other side of the road is a petrol station called Angel Petrol. Genius marketing… 😁 👿😇

Man-made disaster, Turkey 

As if natural disasters are not enough, some vandals riding motorcycles threw a bunch of Molotov cocktails to forests in South-Western Turkey. As far as weʼre aware no news outlet has reported it yet, the info is from a friend living there.

Climate change, sarcasm 

Thereʼs no climate change. Itʼs just a hotter than average summer, so hold my beer while i jump in this conveniently overflowing river to cool myself.

Fun Fact: you can add an Emoji to your projectʼs name on GitLab, but you canʼt add a comma…

software rant, BigBlueButton 

It wouldnʼt be too hard if Big Tech would support OAuth2 properly. In that case even Google/Facebook auth would be as simple as setting up a generic OAuth2 provider with specific, publicly known endpoints.

I still believe that good authentication consists of something you know (like a password) and something you have (like a FIDO2 device). Unless you enforce that the given FIDO2 device is protected with a “something you have” method (like a PIN; fingerprint and face recognition is not a good method in this case), you only have a “what you have” part, which can easily be stolen.

Crypto question 

Most cryptocoins has a rule that every transaction costs some coins (usually a small fraction of a coin, actually). Where do those coins go? Is it possible to deplete all coins just by doing a *lot* of transactions?

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