Is it possible to scramble a Rubikʼs cube so no adjacent tiles have the same color on any side? (Diagonals donʼt count as adjacent.)

Oh, which instance is rendering PixelFed posts like that? 😍

As introverted parents, my wife and i canʼt even remotely comprehend what it means to our very extroverted daughter that kindergartens reopen today in Hungary. She even convinced her overly caring mother that she should go on the first day, even though she doesnʼt have to since i work from home.

Context: childcare institutions (except schools) reopen today as most parents who still have their jobs donʼt have enough holidays to stay at home with their children.


Thatʼs a nice list, thanks!

On another hand, what if i follow them on Pleroma, or even NextCloud Social? :thonking:

Szerencsére a pénz miatt nem kell aggódnia, és (egyelőre) szereti csinálni. Az adminisztráció a szükséges rossz, azon túl meg csak a gyerekekkel foglalkozik. És a legfontosabb, hogy kb. nulla időt tölt a tanáriban, ahol az iskola méretétől függetlenül mindig nagyon toxikus a levego… így túl lehet élni 😁

❓ Poll: Have you ever had to report content in your feed to a fediverse mod?

Followup: how fast was the response time?

Boosts requested; I'm writing an article about the moderation of decentralized networks.

“I failed at the exam on information security and management, but i hacked their system and changed it to a pass.”

My wife is going back to work after 6 years, so we made an online CV for her:

I’m no web designer nor front-end developer, but i’m proud how it looks. However, i’m pretty sure there are a lot of ways to improve, like DOM, CSS, and accessibility-wise. I’m open to constructive criticism.

The CV is in Hungarian, the sections are

- experience
- certificates
- languages

- other experiences (abilities?)
- areas of interest

In Hungary we learned the mountain is called Mount Everest, and its highest peak is “Csomolungma”, which is a rough Hungarian version of the Tibetan name.

Service history: Unused.

Iʼm not surprised, it seems really impractical. I mean, how big are those cannon balls?

Coffee nerdiness 

This means i need almost 20 grams of pure caffeine if i want to die. For comparison, the bottled ice coffee i drink pretty much every day, contains about 120mg, so i need to drink 160 bottles, or 48 liters, to die. I’m not sure which would kill me faster, the caffeine, or the enormous amount of fluid that’s mostly milk.

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Math nerdiness 

According to WolframAlpha, 0 to the power of 0 is undefined, but the graph of |x| to the power of |x| (which includes 0) is continuous at 0. (It also worth noting that “lethal dose of caffeine” (which is 192mg/kg) is a question related to 0^0)

thinking about how planet earth is a dense molten core incased in a layer of solids and is thusly, technically, a ravioli

So if two big companies keep their prices low in mutual but silent agreement, they both have competitors, yet no one on earth can beat them. Yeah, sounds reasonable… 😁

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