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Thatʼs a pretty standard pin header; all pins are at equal distance from each other, which should be 2.54mm (1/10in). I use KiCad for schematics planning, and it even calls it Connector_PinHeader_2.54mm.

Hope that helps.

Mobil böngészőben nem lehet megszabadulni a cookie bannertől anélkül, hogy elfogadnál minden sütit, így megnézni sem lehet a honlapot. Kíváncsi lennék rá pedig, ígéretesnek hangzik.

When you work in qCAD for some hours then try scrolling in your browser with middle click+drag…

obscure computing hardware ask | boost OK 

Which part do you want to build? The connector that goes on the motherboard, or the other end (audio output?)

My son(4) just told me in pretty good detail how to build a wardrobe. He either reverse engineered it in his head, or saw a video on it and remembers. I donʼt know which is more scary.

Itʼs freaking 1 June, and at 5am there was 2 °C outside. WTF, weather? Go home, youʼre drunk.

Whenever i see “full stack developer” i read “we actually need 3 people, but what to pay only one”, or “i want to earn the salary of three but i have no idea what iʼm doing”. And on rare occasions, “iʼm a unicorn”.

Yes, at least for a while. I donʼt know if it would grow back with the original colour, but until it does, itʼs definitely grey.

The sun

Once upon a time, there was a sun. That sun was the most special in the world. It was special because it was completely dark. But it still lighted.

The end.

Written by my daughter(6).

“He poured the oatmeal on the devilʼs belly and ate it from there.”

Just regular Hungarian folk tales…

As long as itʼs not ClearCase, the version management system, iʼm OK with that.

Oh yeah, worth noting that we've moved our IRC chat to #fossandcrafts on irc.libera.chat ... update your clients, and see you there!


Iʼm in the middle of learning, too. Started a week or two ago and went through the first 6 chapters of lernu.netʼs course. I also started a course on memorise, but put it down after a few days as it seemed redundant.

Now iʼm thinking the same, to pick up vocabulary instead of grammar first, especially after i understood the logic behind the language.

Thereʼs a saying that May rain worth gold. This year, weʼre gonna be rich! 🤑

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