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Gergely Polonkai

After a tremendous amount of suggestions from @insanity i grabbed a screwdriver and found that there is no RAM in the notebook. As it happens, i removed it to extend another notebook’s capacity about a year ago and i completely forgot about it.

Whelp… 🤓

LibreOffice for Windows installer: 251MB. @nextcloud desktop client for Windows instalner: 86MB. What the hell this client can do? :O

@platypus i’m pretty positive that this is some new type of social engineering.

“Look how cute you are, here is the root password 😍”

I have an old (~6 years) ASUS notebook that doesn’t turn on all of a sudden. The power, HDD, and WiFi LEDs turn on for a brief moment, then the whole thing powers down. This happens both on battery and AC. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this?

@xahlee Maybe org-mind can do this for you already.

There used to be an old ad(?), from the US or UK, where a women asked her husband to do something. However, negative circumstance always intervened, like the fuse went out so the guy had to go to a store, but the car broke down, etc. At the end the wife enters (i think when the guy was repairung the carr asking if he has done what she asked, and the guy looked up saying “what do you think i’m doing?”

I’d be grateful for a link for this.

@pbandkate i hereby consider myself to be lucky as mine usually doesn’t give a snap. I feel for you, though; i used to have a cat that felt the urge to sit on my lap whenever i was about to start…

My daughter (4yo) just created two tubes, a red and a blue one. The red one is supposed to provide healing water, the blue one gives water that “makes you powerful”.

I’m pretty sure she hasn’t played computer games where red and blue things (although usually small bottles) do exactly the same…

@Ferretsyndicate …and it probably still costs much less this way.

@minego Anything special to keep in mind? Like vegetarian only, or no gluten, whatnot? I have a bunch of recipes in my book, but you might want to look around on too. I also remember seeing good stuff on

Just standard kitchen accessories.

I’ve read a lot of stories about career changing people who leave their job, of which they even have a certificate, but until recently i believed it was at least partly made up.

Then, two days ago, we have hired an ex-marketing girl who is the most enthusiastic front end developer i ever saw.

people, is there a comparison somewhere, biased or not, between FlyMake and FlyCheck?

My new weapon. And my motto for it: make biscuits, not war!

Candidates of the Next Year’s Halloween Pumpkin Award.