Hey, and folks! My wife wants to buy a new tarot deck, but can’t decide as most shopping pages show only very few cards. If you guys happen to have any of the following decks, could you send a bit more examples of them? Big thanks if you do!

Witches Tarot
Everyday Witch Tarot
Wild Wood Tarot
Tarot of Pagan Cats
Divine Animals Oracle
Vice Versa Tarot
Lightseers Tarot
Monology Oracle Cards

Donʼt say that, Szíjártó angrily rejected those claim. Of course it wasnʼt them 😈 </sarcasm>

After Twitter hack, senator asks why DMs are not encrypted: vice.com/en_us/article/jgxdwy/

Now the question is, which is more important to you, guys. You want to see all our DMs to “see if people are watching child porn”, or want to keep your own messages a secret?

Heh; that could easily be my 6yo who said that 😁

We are on a holiday with children. One morning we woke to two of the childrenʼs shoes missing. As it turned out thereʼs a weasel in the neighbourhood who is stealing shoes. We found the missing ones two porches from ours. Wonder why the weasel needs them…

i use it as a personal VPN. My only problem was that i had to restart it on my notebook every single time i woke up the machine after sleep/hybernate (but it seems the problem is gono since i installed Fedora 32). I rely on it for my private stuff, but nothing is published on my cjdns interfaces except an IPFS node.

I so very very agree with you. And as soon as i got my lead dev hat, i started doing things for this awful state of things go away.

What i did, for the developer env, is to standardise it on Linux, because “Thatʼs what the CI system uses”, then helped other devs running Windows and OS/X to set up their systems to be able to work on it.

I have none. Sometimes i just feel the urge to do it, and i do it. But it rarely comes…

Portrait on Nikola Tesla made entirely of electric machines

solder, eyes 

Reminds me of the story our teacher told us about the guy who wanted to steal metal from the transformer house (400kV to 10kV transforming) while it was online. A spectacular fail.
He also wanted to teach us to climb high voltage poles. He went up two or three grips. then came down because the mains tester (toolstation.com/roughneck-main) started glowing in their pocket. He simply said “Thatʼs why i always have it on me”. @porsupah - 1/1

How do you trick yourself to change sheets? Iʼm definitely not asking because i try the same often, just curious.

I personally donʼt mind ads, what i do mind is ad companies targeting me based on data they stole from me. Oh wait, i “consented”. As if i had any other choice… </rant>

Someone made a "face depixelizer" that turn a low-res pic of a face into a high-res one and of course the first thing they did is try it out with Doomguy and honestly that's pretty impressive but also hilarious


Hey fediverse!

I'm looking for some motivated computer programmers to learn and collaborate with.

I am the sole developer at my job, and the (mostly) sole developer for all of my side projects; and to be frank, I've been lonely.

My goals are to further study mathematics and computer programming fundamentals in order to become a true professional and not just some "guy who makes webapps". I want to contribute meaningfully to my field and the world.

Feel free to boost, dm, and share links.

@junebug When i was a kid, i wanted to change it a lot. Nowadays i wouldn’t just say i came to terms with it, but “Gergely” (en: Gregory), meaning “watchful”, perfectly describes me.

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