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This… Also, it’s funny to see such an article on a site sponsored by tech biggies.

The Web I Want

> The web is supposed to be accessible to all but flavour of the month techniques and over-complication is ruining everything

Tech nonsense 

I even made a screenshot. You should never try this at home.

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Somehow the screenshot disappeared from that previous toot. Enjoy.

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Selfie, eye contact 

They say work is its own rewards.

Well, my work can now go enjoy itself, but Iʼm definitely in for a warm shower instead.

On a totally unrelated side note, I think Iʼm getting better at image alt texts, but correct me if Iʼm wrong.

Itʼs 35 °C outside, and Iʼm cooking in the oven. Something might be wrong in my brain. Well, at least it turned out delicious.

I (and many others) was talking about how important hydration is. To force it on myself (yes, I have a big problem with this) I wrote this simple GNOME app. It’s not so beautiful, but it works (not really yet…)

I still have to calculate the suggested amount of water based on body weight and the weather, and add reminder functionality. But all this is the work of an afternoon, so it can happen soon 😃


Food, guess the main material 😉 

Hint: itʼs vegetarian food.

Zephyr Morning, a song by Navrang on Spotify. Itʼs awesome how good a violin, a piano, some drums, and a jewʼs harp sound together.

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