Yesterday we went to a huge playground; kids enjoyed it a lot. When we arrived my daughter put her bunny-ear headband on me so she doesn’t loose it while playing. We both forgot about it until the evening when i took a selfie. Some kids also looked at me funny but i didn’t know why. It remained on my head, though. When we arrived home we walked past a gyros place where a man, who looked like your typical motorcycle badass guy, grinned at me telling me that my ears are great.(selfie, eye contact)

So i saw this picture of the lynx on a cactus several times, but only now it occured to me that the hunter should also be added to the picture. You know… attribution and the likes…

I finally had time to test my new tablet. I’m not particularly happy with the shadow, but overall i like it; especially since i haven’t painted in like a decade and i never really learned it in a school or by myself.

May or may not be inspired by the Ukrainian conflict; i realised it might be the case well after i finished it.

My daughter (6) drew me a beholder. The text above says “ILOVEYOUDAD”. She said it will protect me.

Some freshly picked cats, maybe?

There were no boxes around so Luca (Hungarian, pron. ~ Lootsa), our tortoiseshell companion chose the fruit basket. She didnʼt like when we tried to put the lid on, though.

Finger selfie, finger eye contact 

Whoʼs the king, baby?

My new weapon. And my motto for it: make biscuits, not war!

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