Small business owners, for bookkeeping, do you?

If none of the below, please describe your system!


Whereʼs GNUCash from that list? 😧 For one of my businesses, and for private book keeping, i use that. For the other business i pay someone to do it for me, and iʼm pretty sure they use some proprietary stuff.


I never really considered that, but I'm glad you mentioned it.

I'm currently using beancount, but If I weren't, I'd very likely use something like an envelope budgeting system until I got too big and switched to a paid bookkeeper.

I'm just curious what other people do.

I also use the Android version of GNUCash, so when i use cash i can instantly book it and integrate it into the actual book keeping files (the Android version is pretty poor in features, somewhat understandably, and canʼt use the full-fledged data files even though they are on my nextcloud).



I think for now, I'll stick to Ledger for my business.

For my home finances, I've thought about envelope accounting. I hadn't considered GNU Cash. I was thinking about budgetzero, or simply using envelope accounting with beancount ala ( but it looks like GNUCash can also do the same

Certainly things to think about!

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