microfiction meta 

Since it's getting towards the end of the month - and since everyone seemed to enjoy it last time - I'm going to open up microfiction requests again.

So reply to this toot with a keepsake you own or could imagine owning, or an token that represents a time you've left behind, and I'll tag you into the bug-or-kaiju-related microfic that results!

microfiction meta 

(Two caveats, based on experience from last month:

- If I get more suggested prompts than days left in the month, I'll probably hold on to the remainder and use them for inspiration for whatever theme I do in July.

- I reserve the right to refuse any prompt for any reason. Particularly in light of current events, any prompt which could be interpreted as misogynistic in any way will be hurled directly into the sun.)


microfiction meta 

There was a huge pile of wood in my grandparentsʼ backyard. Me and my cousin played on it a lot, pretending itʼs a space station from where we protect the world with various methods. We were adults when my grandfather died and my grandma slowly used up that wood in the fireplace. Probably thatʼs why the world is not far from burning since then; we can no longer protect it from our space station.

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