My #Ploopy reached customs, it's going to be delivered by the local postal service. Postal service emailed me about VAT & customs fees, and allowed me to pre-pay online.

When FedEx was delivering me a package, they:

Couldn't tell me how much I will have to pay.
Didn't let me pay online.
Sent me paper mail(!) 3 weeks later with an invoice.

I used to think our local postal service is terrible. Apparently, it is not! They really stepped up their game recently. And FedEx remained terrible.


Same with FedEx for my model 100, except they told me the amount before delivery in an email. But i still didnʼt get the invoice, so i canʼt pay 😔

@gergely Heh. I asked them if I can pre-pay (nope), if I need to pay the courier (yes), and if I can pay with a card (no). Then I asked them to tell me how much I need to pay, so I can get cash, because I don't keep cash at home. They promised to call me back or e-mail, they never did.

Courier came, I asked how much I need to pay, he laughed into my face, and told me that's not a thing since like 2018. I'll get an invoice, byeee.

Fantastic experience. :P

Funny, as for me the support woman said explicitly that i should not pay the courier, even if they ask me to 😂 Consistent support information is a good thing. And i shouted out to them in my model 100 review… 🤦‍♂️

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