There are some accounts over at Birdsite i’d like to follow (and they don’t plan to move to the Fediverse). Is there a bridge you can suggest? Or, if i should fire up one myself, what software would that be?

@gergely For read-only, there's always Nitter – some apps like @apps even include support for that. Read-write would be a different thing: bridges do exist, but I never looked into them. Again, some apps suupport Birdsite next to Tootland; for Android, you can find a list here:

(and a list of Nitter instances can be found at

@IzzyOnDroid i don’t mind opening Twitter to check if the accounts posted something (although Nitter is indeed better in terms of resource usage). A better alternative would be to follow them using my Fediverse account. I also don’t want to *post* to Twitter, just want to see if these accounts post something.

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