Today my trustworthy Wacom Bamboo tablet broke. It served me for some 10+ years and despite its limitations i will miss it a lot. I couldn’t find anyone who can repair it, nor i can fix it myself. If anyone needs it for spare parts, i’m happy to send it, just DM me.


On a related side note, i’m now looking for a new tablet. I’d like something of similar size (4″x6″). I’m not an artist and don’t aim to be, so i don’t need high-end stuff. Obviously, i don’t want to spend a ton of money, either. If you have any suggestions, throw them at me!

@gergely I used Genius brand for years before getting a Wacom, and it suited me fine. They're much cheaper :)

At the end i settled with an XP-Pen Star G960S-Plus. Itʼs HUGE. being almost A4 in drawing area size which is neat. It also supports much more pressure levels (8192 instead of my Bambooʼs 1024) which makes gradientish stuff much smoother. It also supports pen tilting which is a nice additions. And with the Krita brushes @davidrevoy shared on his blog the other day itʼs real easy to do some art even for me. a non-artist - 1/2

@welshpixie @davidrevoy Now i just have to protect it from my daughter stealing it 😂 - 2/2

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