Our parents used to say that drinking flavoured water (from lemonade to different sodas) and eating soups donʼt count as water intake. That became my stance as a parent, but somehow even i donʼt believe it. Do you guys know any good source on this?

@gergely Even normal food includes some water intake, so you're right to be skeptical of this old health meme.

Meat is around 60% water and that water doesn't evaporate on death, so a pound of raw meat contains about a cup of water. Cooking it evaporates maybe an eighth of the water, so a pretty negligible loss.

Soup and flavored water are mostly water.

@gergely That said, getting hydration from sugary drinks is still terrible, because fructose is processed by your liver very similarly to alcohol. Plus, there's no fiber to slow the process down like in fruit, so it's smashing various organs hard.

Caffeinated drinks also cause you to pee out water, though I hear this is not actually that big a deal.

Getting water from soup and broth is perfectly fine though, even at a substantial scale.

@urusan @gergely its probably just an old rule of thumb. it's easier to teach someone to drink two bottles a day than to try and get in to the algebra of how the body extracts chemicals from food intake.

@gergely Here's a WebMD article:

They point out that alcohol is dehydrating, so it's basically the one major exception.

Many alcoholic drinks have substantial water, but the diuretic effect is more powerful.

Also, hard liquor doesn't even have much water.

@urusan @gergely
One thing to consider re: soups/broths... They may* be high in sodium. ☝️

@evelyn @gergely That's an excellent point. Looking it up, even the lowest salt broth (bone broth) has more than the daily recommended value of sodium per calorie (about 180%). Most prepackaged soups are ridiculously off the charts in this regard.

Interestingly, sodium is more demonized than it should be. The recommended daily value is actually the minimum, unlike pretty much every other nutrient. So unless you have a health problem, exceeding it is not that bad.

@urusan @gergely
It helps make food yummy. 👍
Too much of anything* isn't good.
Not just sodium. ☝️

@evelyn @urusan thanks, thatʼs a lot to take in. Iʼll read that webmd thing and some other articles, but you were more than helpful! 🤗

@gergely I wouldn't believe it if I were you. That simple. In fact there are cases where sugary water (with whatever taste) gives your body "more" water than plain water: in extreme heat it can give a better result (or so I've been told by people working in hot environments).

@gergely Water is water, it's better if it's not full of sugar or salt as that might actually require even more water to dilute the resulting concentrations in the bloodstream.
In the end drinking water is always beneficial, even from eating vegetables you intake considerable amounts of water.

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