Pijul has a command called `credit` which does on Pijul repos exactly what `git blame` does for Git, but with a much better name.

@gergely i know i've heard of pijul a few times, but i hadn't taken a look at it recently. worth trying?

i know git is a fact of life for the foreseeable, but it'd be nice to see some alternatives get a little traction, even if just to nudge git itself in slightly more humane directions...

If you know Git, Pijul will be easy to use. Command names are different, but parameters are very similar. It performs well, and it builds on changes, not on snapshots like Git. Itʼs in alpha status, but i havenʼt run in problems in the few weeks i use it. All in all, i think it worths a try.

@gergely @brennen last time I checked it was very beta quality. ;-)

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