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Gergely Polonkai @gergely

people, is there a comparison somewhere, biased or not, between FlyMake and FlyCheck?

@gergely I don't know if there's a table-like compassion of features (at most something like this:, but from experience I'd say the only reason to use FlyMake is because it's built-in, but even in Emacs 26, it's just not as good as FlyCheck.

but that's just my opinion.


@gergely it depends on your use case and (at this point in time) emacs version. I'm pretty sure Flymake got a major overhaul in Emacs 26 and is supposed to be better now, but I'm not sure how true that is (I don't use it). Anyway:


Pros: built-in,
will work for most compiled mainstream languages
Cons: doesn't have support for many languages

Pros: works with many languages
easier to support new ones
Cons: not built in, so requires install.

Hope that helped a little and YMMV