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Plato came across Diogenes knee-deep in a stream washing vegetables.

"You know," said Plato, "If you knew how to pay court to Kings, you wouldn't have to wash vegetables".

"And," replied Diogenes, "If you knew how to wash vegetables, you wouldn't have to pay court to Kings."

Don't try to force yourself to express an emotion you don't feel. It's okay not to be super happy about giving a presentation. Just treat it like you're talking to one of the faculty that you don't work with. You don't need to pretend to be overjoyed, just act like you normally do in low-pressure professional situations.

Don't be afraid of saying "um". If you realize that you're saying it a lot and want to do it less, try to become more comfortable with pausing to think without filling the silence.
Also, don't give people shit for saying "um" or "like" in their presentations. Don't count how many of either word they say, don't giggle about it to your friends - realize that people who do this are the people who aren't reading a canned speech out of memory.

Don't overprepare for presentations. Don't write a script, don't practice by talking to a wall, just remember the key details you want to include (or don't, and have your slides remember them for you) an say them. It'll be easier to do this if you aren't fretting about remembering memorized lines.

Here's what I think the advice for science students should be:
Talk about your work. Find as many friends, classmates, and family members as you can who will listen to you, and tell them all about it. Practice talking about your work in conversational settings, and don't try to memorize lines. Don't even think of it as practice for anything - just do it as often as you can.

What would happen if the #EU took the position that anybody using the browser #DNT feature could argue they had actively refused tracking?

Question for female (cis or trans) parents, whose co-parent is also female (cis or trans).

I'm a transwoman, and my wife is cis. We have two kids. When I initially transitioned, we all agreed that I'd still be 'dad'. This is now awkward and uncomfortable for all four of us, so we need something new. Mom, Mama, Mommy, etc are off the table, because that's my wife. We all agree strongly on that. We all feel that I should pick but the kids have vetoed a few things.


Hello world 🖖
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@maloki yeah, chrome has gotten really hungry over the years while firefox has actually slimmed down the bloat.

Iʼm almost done with the list of active sessions. It was a really interesting thing as I never did anything similar with Flask before. I also didnʼt find any existing solutions I could use (and will probably publish it as a separate Flask extension later.)

This also means I had to implement caching (although Iʼm not sure yet if the cache is the right place to store session data in) which also opens up the way for a lot of other things.

Dragons could exist:

• Flying "dragons" exist today and in the fossil record. They are not merely fantasy beasts.
• While wingless dragons wouldn't fly in the strict sense of the term, they could glide long distances without violating any laws of physics.
• Fire-breathing is unknown in the animal kingdom, but is theoretically possible. Many organisms produce flammable compounds, which could be stored, released, and ignited either by a chemical or a mechanical spark.

I am looking for a digital #artist to commision for three assets for the mastodon client @Tusky: A generic "elephant friend", an image for the error view (maybe a sad elephant?) and an image for the empty view (maybe a sleeping elephant?). Must look good on dark and light background and fit well with material design. Artist must be ok with the assets being published under an open source license. Vector assets preferred. Commission will of course be payed.
Pls boost!

gradually realizing that Rust is not about programming computers differently, it's about programming developers' brains differently, and I'm super into it

1. Microsoft just released 27 new updates to fix the updates they released last week which even their own engineers were warning customers not to install

2. They appear to have synchronised to my WSUS server, but I can't actually see them.

Testing? We don't need any testing. Especially not of our updates. We'll just fix any problems with *more* updates!

There should be a global 'awareness' week for developers. For a week reduce your RAM to 2 GB, disable all cores except 2, downscale your resolution to 1366x768 and cap your internet at 1 Mbps (or less for mobile developers)...

Maybe, just maybe we will start to have less crappy, bloated software.

Hello, Mastodon! Here's my first #art post. It's a #giraffe, I think.

Hey fediverse, I'm going to try to get my brother to join (Mastodon, Pleroma, other....). He would particularly like to discuss #ScienceFiction with other fans. Also #HPLovecraft. Are there instances that would make it particularly easy for him to find other fans? Thanks in advance!

Privacy advocates, I’d like to ask for your help. What kind of privacy settings/features would you expect from a calendar application? Don’t mind if it’s already done in or already documented as an issue; I would really like to see the whole picture!