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Forgot to post about this, but I wrote a little script to back up a Mastodon instance, in case anyone finds it useful. 🙂 #MastoAdmins

Yeah yeah, you may have a dedicated server, but I have a dedicated serval

Condolences to the person running (which lost its database). I know that sinking feeling as you realize that something went wrong.

Let it be a serious reminder to everyone to have regular backups.

I've lost an entire VPS to Scaleway once, it wasn't even anything I did, their hardware just failed. Not having backups is living on the edge.

Big sister: “chicken!” Reward: hysterical laughter.

Father: throw him to the air a few times. Reward: minor laughing.

Mother: stand on hands, juggle with knives, jump through fiery rings. Reward: a slight smile.


Before we could talk, we were singing.
Before we could run, we were dancing.
Life is short, but not a day is lost.
The world goes round and round, and we go on and on.

Samael — On Earth

And it only asked if it can access my microphone and location info. Itʼs scary hot much data your smart phone apps can collect without your consent.

Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know!

Can someone explain this tired/wired meme to me please?

The Kickstarter campaign is finally online - Introducing the Wakeful Hoodie, a raving hooded polychrome sweatshirt that is impossible to ignore. If you like it, tell everyone!
#wakefulhoodie #art #illustration

Sitting on the toilet in a birthday hat, grabbing a balloon, on my 35th birthday. Yay 🤣

I just started to read about IPFS, but I already like it:

> ipfs uses a global local object repository