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@silkevicious Ugh… so Tachions’ documentation is basically a bunch of examples. For someone with as little front-end experience as me, it’s out of the question.

OK, I think I have ruled out Materialize CSS (sorry to disappoint you, @silkevicious) I give Tachyons a go, too, then I try to decide 😃

And here are the Semantic ones. This was the easiest to achieve (in terms of modifications needed for the plain no-design.)

Here are the milligram screenshots. I make an educated guess: this will be the harder to make it look right on mobile.

Seems like Jinja and Materialize are not close friends. Right now I can’t even make the time zone field to display, so I think I’ll try it later 😞

Here are the Bulma screenshots; I guess I will have to work a lot on the calendar view on mobile regardless of the framework…

Here are all Bootstrap screenshots! The calendar is not so good on mobile yet. The form is your usual Bootstrap form; as @silkevicious said, it’s pretty un-personal…

And here is one with Bulma (again, not much work in it.)

Milligram is great in that I am in control. This, however, requires a lot of legwork which would definitely slow down development.

I forgot to add Semantic UI to my previous toot. It looks great and truly natural, but its documentation is a bit hard to browse. I will soon post four screenshots so you can help me decide 😃

I tried Milligram, Bootstrap, and Materialize CSS. Without putting too much effort in any of them, here are the results. Bootstrap is awesome as it has a lot of components (although most of them I won’t ever user), and they are styled so I don’t have to do anything. Materialize CSS feels strange for me; also, it resembles Android too much, and although I like that platform, it’s not what I want for this project. (1/2)

The thing I like in Milligram so far is that itʼs not packed with features I will never use. In exchange I have to do a lot myself (also the product is a bit oversold, as for it to work well you also need normalize.css)

Iʼm a bit stuck on the implementation details of event, invite, and response visibility. If that doesnʼt change until I take off my train, I will probably try creating a UI today. Probably going with a framework for now (even though Iʼm not a fan of them as most of them are bloated with features I will never use). Bootstrap 4 seems a viable alternative, but suggestions are more than welcome!

Also note that I barely did any front end work in the recent years, so expect it to take time.

Now you can lock your profile, so people can’t follow you without you approving it.

Thus adding privacy related settings began!

Keeping the Taiga board up to date seems to be too much of a burden. I decided to take all the planned features to Gitea issues ( Feel free to register an account (I hope I enabled it 😆) and drop some comments (or new ideas!)

I have created a screen that is shown after the first login, so users can set their display name and time zone.

This way the registration itself is a matter of specifying a username, email, and password, and you only create your actual profile when you successfully logged in.

I’m not sure yet if this is The Good Way to do it, so I’m open to any suggestions!

It is now possible to accept invitations (but there are no other means to join events.)

Next up is a bunch of privacy stuff, like private events and anonymous joins, but for that to happen I want to add some tests; privacy features are something you don’t want to break with regression…

Notifications got a facelift, they are properly linked to the correct pages.

I didn’t really want to do this until a nicer front-end is made, but the original one was so ugly even with this designless… theme.

You can now invite other (local) users to events.

List of active sessions is next.