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An interesting read on how to calculate the day of week for any date in the Gregorian calendar. You only have to know if it’s a leap year, and one special day, February 28 of 1900 (which happened to be on Wednesday.)

I have some private life issues right now; when i deal with those (hopefully within a week) i will continue to work on this project. Meanwhile, when i have some time, i try to write up a list of features (privacy included) i plan to implement and upload it somewhere for review and discussion. I hope you guys can wait until it happens.

I donʼt know if someone mentioned it or I just planned it from the beginning. Anyways, I just created an issue for this.

The project just received its first external contribution, a Polish translation!

See it in action here:

The whole story was like “a lot of silo features have alternatives, what about Google/Facebook calendar? GC only shares iCal stuff via email, but Facebook like event management is nowhere in the Fediverse”

Since then, I know I was wrong. But now I just want to make this project happen.

If you look at it strictly, nothing just a nifty frontend to CalDAV. Or iCal over ActivityPub. Whichever suites you.

Multiple reminders is a must for me, too. I also want public holidays since day one, although thatʼs a hard nut.

As I plan it, they would get into a separate calendar you can subscribe to, so based on your country and religion you would see different holidays.

CalDAV is definitely on the table.

The Doodle-like thing was requested by some, so Iʼm considering it. Although it will most probably not included in the initial release.

I definitely plan doing that. That’s why I’m gathering all this feedback 😉

Hello, new followers! Please donʼt forget to tell me what would you expect from a calendar and/or event organiser! The project is really early in development, itʼs easier to add things now than later 😉

Here is the very basic outline on groups. I will extend this documentation soon(ish).

While waiting for feedback on privacy related stuff, I almost finished basic group support. That means you can soon create groups, join them (or request joining them in case of closed groups), and viewing their details. Invitation is not possible yet (which is especially relevant to secret groups), but will do that tomorrow.

Yes, it’s in a Gitea issue I linked recently. I expect feedback from a few people; meanwhile, I started working on groups support.

I have just updated

Feel free to chime in (and don’t forget to ping me (@gergely) if account registration doesn’t work.)

Obviously, if you don’t want to register an account on my server, you can tell your ideas here, too!

More tests, and you can now mark a user as the instance admin.

All of this is nothing but procrastination because I’m stuck on privacy stuff. I guess I will follow my gut feelings with that tomorrow, and take the bashing if it comes.

But first, sleep.

Are there any real calendar systems that have days that are not part of any month?

A non-real example might be the hobbitsʼ calendar where all 12 months consist of 30 days, and the remaining five or six days (the two equinoxes are 1+1, and the solstices are 2 for winter, and one (or two in leap years) for the summer.)

Development stopped for the weekend, but at least I added some tests and fixed things like registration.

Now Iʼm looking for CI solutions (not self hosted) that can work with Gitea; my Drone setup was a good idea, but the underlying infrastructure canʼt cope with it (when a job runs, Gitea and my Matrix HS stop working.) If you have suggestions beside Travis and Circle, donʼt hesitate to throw it at me.

On locally encrypted data, do you mean on the viewing device (browser, mobile app, etc.) or on the server side?

I plan private instances (ie. federation disabled), and try to keep requirements as low as possible so you can run it even on cheap single board computers if that’s what you are suggesting.