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Say hello to the new welcome page! If it feels like the copy of Mastodon’s About page, it’s not a coincidence; I’d be grateful if you would send me ideas on what should go there or how to change wording.

As captioning this image would be enormous work, I will soon fire up an instance with registration disabled, so people with low vision can check it out.

And here are the Semantic ones. This was the easiest to achieve (in terms of modifications needed for the plain no-design.)

Here are the milligram screenshots. I make an educated guess: this will be the harder to make it look right on mobile.

Here are the Bulma screenshots; I guess I will have to work a lot on the calendar view on mobile regardless of the framework…

Here are all Bootstrap screenshots! The calendar is not so good on mobile yet. The form is your usual Bootstrap form; as @silkevicious said, it’s pretty un-personal…

And here is one with Bulma (again, not much work in it.)

Actually, this turned out pretty good. Maybe I should add more people so it looks more social 😃