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Response visibility can soon be set based on who is looking at the response list. E.g. if you set the response visibility to followers only, a random stranger won’t see if you are attending an (otherwise public) event.

Question: is a random stranger responds “going”, should they be handled as followers in this case? What about “not going”. And to complicate it even more, what about “maybe going”?

…which is an excellent way to test if people can register on my Gitea instance ☺

There you go:

@calendar_social @gergely Asked again for confirmation email, never received it. :(

Strange… Iʼll look into it in an hour or so.

@gergely @calendar_social Up. ;)
If you can confirm me manually that's okay too. :)

Does this mean itʼs still not working? I made an educated guess and activated the account called tcit for you ☺

It still bothers me a lot that itʼs not working as there are two more accounts waiting for activation and I have no idea who they might be.