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Say hello to the new welcome page! If it feels like the copy of Mastodon’s About page, it’s not a coincidence; I’d be grateful if you would send me ideas on what should go there or how to change wording.

As captioning this image would be enormous work, I will soon fire up an instance with registration disabled, so people with low vision can check it out.

@calendar_social I think you should put a min-width on the page. It's pretty squished on my phone.

@calendar_social imo the blurb under 'what is' sounds like it'd be a better fit for 'built for people', it doesn't say too much about (planned) features or what it is besides a calendar, or how it being open source etc actually affects the end user and features

@joop Yes, that’s copied verbatim from Mastodon and I’m not a big fan of it (that’s one of the reasons I shared it for discussion.)