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OK, I think I have ruled out Materialize CSS (sorry to disappoint you, @silkevicious) I give Tachyons a go, too, then I try to decide 😃

@silkevicious Ugh… so Tachions’ documentation is basically a bunch of examples. For someone with as little front-end experience as me, it’s out of the question. notifications @calendar_social

this leaves Semantic, Bootstrap, Milligram, and Bulma in play. I’m strongly in favour for Semantic right now; that required the least modification to the designless pages and thus I find it really comfortable.

@calendar_social I tried Bulma as well. It is a jump start framework but not as flexible as Tachyons. I don't know Semantic and Milligram.

@juh Now that I started to port all (about 10, and really small) views to Semantic, it feels, as @eliotberriot put it few days ago, natural.

I guess it’s Semantic UI, then.